F1 Car Driving Without Having to Leave Home

For you fans of Formula 1 or F1 must have dreamed of driving a super fast race cars on the track circuit.

Now your dream can become a reality with the presence of F1 simulators are designed similar to a real F1 car.

F1 simulator is designed as closely as possible to the original F1 racing car. Complete with carbon fiber and aluminum materials, and a combination of your favorite F1 team colors chosen by the customer. Although it will not work in the way, the simulator is still equipped with four tires Pirelli F1 and the choice AP Racing or Brembo brakes.

Reported DailyMail, to deliver real F1 racing simulation, the front wheel of the simulator is equipped with three LCD screens, each measuring 23 inches equipped with speakers.

Racing simulation shown was supported power Intel Core i7 processor, the Intel SSD hard drive, and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

“The car simulator can be termed as a toy for adults. Besides having a beautiful design like a real F1 car, the simulator can also be used by professional drivers to improve driving skills and techniques,” said Simon Harvey, Group Chief Executive of FMCG International Ltd , which is the manufacturer of the car simulator.

If interested have the advanced simulator at home, buyers can order the color scheme first car body and alloy desired. Once produced, the car will be immediately sent to the buyer’s home in 12 to 18 weeks.

“This simulator technicians will be assembled directly on the home buyers. Having finished, the buyer can feel the sensation of the actual, F1 racing without leaving the comfort of their own homes,” said Harvey.

F1 simulator car is sold with prices are not cheap, which is 90 thousand pounds or approximately Rp 1, 4 billion.

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