Egoist For Fans Nissan GT-R With High Art Taste

Nissan Motor Company (NMC) presents a variant of the top GT-R Egoist is when the media test drive at the Circuit Sugi Sports Land, Sendai, Japan yesterday (2/11). The price is 5 million yen (Rp 600 million) more expensive than the standard variant (Pure). Very besarya price difference specially made parts, made by skilled hands like Ferrari.

“For us Egoist variant interior design exclusively by specialized craftsmen dengankeahlian and using quality materials. All production process without the use of robots, is done by our experts,” said Kazutoshi Mizuno, Chief Vehicle Engineer and Chief Product Specialist at NMC provides an explanation to say, for consumers who want a GT-R Egoist had to be patient to wait several months. Because the production is carried out after obtaining orders of Nissan.

In addition to the cabin, the view outside is also given a special identity. Among other things, six bolt rims, rear wing design is more rigid and attached logo Egoist under the GT-R emblem, near the rear lights. Exhaust is also different, using model 2 holes with a slightly larger size and made of titanium.

“We provide this variant for the GT-R fans that have high artistic soul. Addition to tremendous energy, luxury image is shown through an exclusive cabin,” said Mizuno.

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