Jun 03

Security elements when navigating

when sail we must always consider to take with us on our boat safety elements are mandatory and must always double check before asking them to sea.

If you’re not aware of them, know that there are different categories of navigation.

These different kinds of navigation are: A – GREAT HEIGHT (unlimited browsing), B – HEIGHT navigation (up to 30 miles from a “coat”), C – COASTAL navigation (up to 30 miles from a “coat “), D – LOCAL (sailing in sheltered waters such as estuaries and bays, no more than two miles away from home port).

Today we bring the required elements for the navigation category of type A:

Liferafts, with capacity for all persons on board.
2 lifebuoys, 1 lanyard-27, 5 m. floating rope floating light automatically.
Life jackets, one per person, plus 10%.
Media bilge, 2 pumps, one driven by the main motor and an independent with minimum flow of 1,800 L / H.
6 hand flares.
6 red parachute rockets.
Two buoyant smoke signals.
Extinguishers, according length and power.
Two fire buckets with lanyard.
1 Beacon with 406 MHz frequency.