Nov 28

Audi Make the World’s Most Economical Citycar

The German premium car manufacturer, Audi devising a compact vehicle that claimed later became citycar teririt in the world.

Reported Worldcarfans, Tuesday, November 27, 2012, they immediately boast, citycar racikannya will have fuel consumption of 235 mpg U.S. (99.9 km / liter). A fantastic figure.

“This car will use the Audi A1 platform that has been equipped with mild steel materials. With light weight fuel consumption must be very frugal,” says Head of Audi’s Technical Development, Wolfgang Durheimer told Autocar UK.

They also use traditional materials are very light for the interior as well as other components. Four-passenger car diesel engine that will be equipped with 1.0-liter 2-cylinder mated to an electric power.

This new Audi Citycar will be thrown into the market in the next 3 years. Curious? We wait.