Nov 07

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, More Cool With Twin-Turbo

While not knowing the detailed specification of the whole body twin-turbo Cobra Jet, but the race car uses a twin-turbo and the kitchen was redone by a 5.0-liter V-8, predicted that the performance of the engine becomes more efficient in generating power.

2013 Cobra Jet Mustang supercharger uses two – but the supercharger needs 100 horsepower to turn the blower only 2.9-liter engine. That is considered automotive enthusiasts no power is lost for a car equipped supercharger.

Manufacturing Ford must have known that since ancient times, so the innovations made in the hope of racing cars produced not experience lag.

Borg-Warner Turbo based on the same design and can be found in the Focus ST cars, with low friction ball bearings deliver a rotary engine can spin up to 150,000 rpm in a short time. It certainly will further accelerate the speed of maximum acceleration and speed, the car is responsive!

Twin-turbo project on the Cobra Jet is not finished, but his appearance at the SEMA show car will soon enter tough consumer garage.