Nov 04

Mazda RX-7 Will Rise Back Year 2017

There’s some exciting news for fans of heavy Mazda RX-7. Rotary-powered sports sedan that will re-enliven the legendary sports car market in 2017, as the successor generation of the RX-8 is no longer manufactured. The news was delivered by the Head of Sport Mazda Nobuhiro Yamamoto.

“Resurrection RX-7 will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the launch of Mazda’s first rotary engine (Wankel),” he said Yamamoto told The Motor Report (TMR) at the launch of Mazda MX facelift, recently.

Rumors, the weight of the RX-7 will be lighter, simpler, and more emphasis on engaging the driver in controlling the car.

16X rotary engine (1.6 liters), which will be the heart of driving the RX-7 has a power 300 hp and currently in testing. “But, at this time has not been determined. Probably, will be used turbo or it may not,” said Yamamoto.