Jun 03

Yacht Controller

The Yacht Controller is a remote control system for boats that have electronic controls, this device allows us to control all basic functions of the ship on the move from the site when we have better visibility and comfort.

When enabled allows us total freedom to move aboard, the handle is ergonomic and can be used with one hand, and allows us to control the boat without having to be “anchored” in the command post.

With the Yacht Controller is no longer necessary to wait for someone to join us to get the boat mooring or having guests willing to work but with very little experience that often hinder rather than help.

To leave the port only need to cast off, and that at all times we can control the functions of engine and bow thruster, and avoid dejection, and when we can accommodate the mooring ropes, fenders removed, go to the gas station and wait turn; without yelling, stress, and with the confidence to take control of the boat in our hands.