Nov 04

Luxury Taxi ala Jeddah

As a trading city and major port in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, including pains in the affairs of public transport. You can only rely on taxis to move and travel around the city.

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It interestingly, the car used as a taxi is a luxury car belonging in Indonesia, such as the Toyota All New Camry and the Hyundai Sonata. All units are white taxi, of course, have been equipped with the meter, but no two-way pagers and driver identification card,

The metered it was never used. You should first negotiate the rate with the driver. But it is not easy if you do not master the Arabic language, mostly foreign tourists used way is to use the language of Tarzan, which relies on the body gestures for communication.

When asked to use the meter, the driver tried to convince her that no meter rates are cheaper.

Another great feature in this port city was dark taxi. Do not be alarmed if while walking on the sidewalk suddenly there was a car that went out of the way, it was a dark taxi.

If lucky, taxi over to the dark is a new luxury car in conditions such as Ford Crown Victoria or a GMC Yukon XL. But it could be the opposite, battered car minus AC.